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Raw. Defeated. Willing.

I felt more connected than I ever had in my life,

AWKWARD AS IT WAS. I could relate to the people 

in the room sharing their stories.


I sat uncomfortably in a circle 

on a cold collapsible metal chair

and for the first time in my life 

I felt "a part of".


After many and unexpected withdrawal symptoms,

a lightness came over me. I felt free, and happy and love...



On one occasion, a few months later, in a meeting at a park,

I was told that I wasn't really happy,

that I was just on a *PINK CLOUD.

And soon, they said, I would be miserable like them.


Okay, they didn't say this last part exactly,

but it was the sentiment and the beginning of a 


that would later make it on my list.

*And the first thing you know, I was lifted

 right out of the AA group, and I floated 

 higher and higher and even higher, until I 

 was upon a pink cloud, which is known as

 Pink Seven, and I felt miserable again.


 Big Book 4th Edition

 Page 304